The non-profit organizations Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI) (, African Survivors International (, and Akaburantikaboneke asbl announce to all Rwandans and and all their friends the creation of an umbrella organization called ''Ni Abacu Foundation''.

The three organizations acting in close partnership welcome the close cooperation and
perfect coordination that come to be established on the day for Friday, May 1st , 2015.

Considering that as far as the years pass by, the victims of assassinations and mass-
murders of the RPF are thrown into oblivion,

Considering that the survivors of these horrors brackish RPF age and die while hideous
crimes that were committed against them by the RPF are getting forgotten,

Considering that the international community continues to turn a deaf ear to such
sepulchral suffering daily endured by survivors, three non-profit organizations decided
to create a Sheltered Foundation, an umbrella organization for individuals and non-
profits alike that is entirely dedicated to them, and vowed to build and develop several
integrated country-based approaches with the objective of maintaining indelible and
imperishable truth about the heinous crimes committed by the RPF on them because
they happen to be born
Hutu and Twa.

'' Ni Abacu Foundation" aims to be a charitable organization for the protection and
spokesbody of the Rwandan genocide survivors committed by the RPF and at the same
time an umbrella protecting the interests of victims whose entire families were mass-
slaughtered under the RPF Clean-Up Operations and up to now who are forbidden from
remembering their beloved ones in different memorial sites in Rwanda dedicated to
them with the honors that are due to them.

It is in this perspective that the first project of the organization "Ni Abacu Foundation "
is to build the online memorial site in memory of all innocent victims murdered by the

RPF - Inkotanyi from October 1st 1990 until 'now. The memorial site is located on the
following link:

Although this site is not built with bricks and stones, we dedicate this memorial to the
victims and their families and our thoughts go straight from the heart to our parents ,
brothers, sisters , friends and their families, all Tutsi, Hutu , Twa and foreigners who are
still forbidden to remember their ones just because they were exterminated by the RPF -
Inkotanyi , their predators now in power in Rwanda , which forever decreed this denial
against our right to remember, mourn and grieve our loved ones.

Our great project and inalienable right is that OUR BELOVED ONES will be exhumed for
burial with honor and dignity. At the same time, '' Ni Abacu Foundation ' sends a clear
message to all horrified survivors, helpless witnesses to this tragedy, to keep moving
forward, to alleviate the pain, fears and regrets, not to give up because of this unbearable
pain you have endured as an option of lending a hand to the RPF predators rather to join
our firm determination to achieve the final liberation of our homeland, Rwanda. '' Ni
Abacu Foundation" calls upon all Rwandans, friends and their neighbors to the
mobilization and individual engagements and sacrifices for the Common Cause for real
change in our country. All of us need to practice tolerance and live together to live in
peace and freedom according to basic human rights principles that bind us all together
as members of the same human family.

Finally, in order to continue to improve our delivered numerous benefits and services,
we invite all Rwandans, friends of Rwanda and other visitors of our memorial site
( ) to view all pages and links which offer you the needed
information and appropriate services but also and most importantly to provide
suggestions and feedback that could help improving these for us golden services.

We thank you in advance for the interest in our organization.

Done at Berlin, May 1, 2015

Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jean-Christophe Nizeyimana is primarily a militant. He fought for the defense of human
rights and against all forms of discrimination.

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