Zambia is a sovereign, free and democratic country which has never had world’s criminal, genocide and war records in human rights abuses against its own people or foreign people. Recently in June 2013 the United Nations for High Commissioner for Refugees has instituted the cessation clause against the Rwandan refugees who fled Rwanda before 1998, it declared that knowing it was illegal (harmful to these refugees) and moreover in conspiracy with the Rwandan RPF regime which made those refugees to flee their homeland.

Last years Zambia has witnessed numerous attempted assassinations, assassination plots and terrorism against Rwandan Hutu refugees on its land by the Rwandan RPF regime death squads to the extent it deported some of the conspirators involved in those messes of abusing human rights of refugees and sovereignty of its country.

Despite this experience with Rwandan RPF ruling regime criminals, terrorists and notorious human rights abusers and with the conspiratorial influence of UNHCR, Zambia has compromised itself and forgot its experience with current Rwandan regime to accept its demand to forcefully repatriate Rwandan Hutus for getting slaughtered or subjected to any other extreme human rights abuses. Now Zambia has given 3 months of ultimatum to Rwandan Hutu refugees to either repatriate themselves voluntarily, get Rwandan passports and stay in Zambia legally or force them with deportation. Zambia also said that it will cooperate with Rwandan airline agency (RwandAir) which recently started its operations in Zambia to facilitate that forceful deportation/repatriation.

On 24th March 2015 a tripartite meeting between the Zambian officials, UNHCR and Rwandan RPF regime was held in Kigali to explore all the way to execute the RPF agenda to exterminate these Rwandan Hutu refugees.

Zambia Delegation

Photo 1: The Zambian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Home affairs Lt. Col. Kaunda Tushuke Panji (Second from left with white shirt) at the meeting in Kigali on 24th March 2015

Zambia UNRwanda

Photo 2: UNHCR, ZAMBIA AND RWANDA signing agreements of forceful repatriation and deportation of Rwandan Hutu refugees


Photo 2: UNHCR, ZAMBIA AND RWANDA signing agreements of forceful repatriation and deportation of Rwandan Hutu refugees


In April 1995 at Kibeho refugees camp in Rwanda, Zambian contingents witnessed live extermination horrors of Rwandan Hutu refugees it was supposed to protect under UNAMIR II mission and thousands of Hutu refugees were massacred in the eyes of its contingents with their arms crossed. The Rwandan Hutus internally displaced persons / refugees have been massacred in the eyes of the Zambian Company of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). Note that the Kibeho refugee camp held more than 100 thousands people for which very few of them escaped these horrific massacres.

Zambian contingents in Hutu corpses

Photo 4: These are Rwandan Hutu refugees massacred in the eyes of Zambian contingents under UNAMIR, the soldiers in these corpses are Zambians.


Zambian Company at Kibeho camp

Photo 5: Views from within the Zambian Company of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) at about 14:30 on Tuesday, 18 April 1995. Note also the high proportion of adult and adolescent males and attempts being made to identify the corpses of those massacred.


Even those who managed to escape from the camp were massacred in their way fleeing, which means almost all the 100 thousands of Hutu refugees were massacred by the Tutsi RPF army. Below are the testimonials of the Australian medic contingents who experienced these massacres and wrote on the Australia War Memorial website the following:

“Later, as the medical evacuation helicopters took off about 5 pm, Australians on board saw at least a thousand refugees rush out of the camp. The Tutsi troops stood on the ridges and fired down on them with automatic rifles, rocket propelled grenades and a .50-calibre machine-gun. The soldiers then moved through the valley in the still pouring rain, bayoneting or shooting the wounded.”

“On 23 April, the Australians returned to Kibeho to treat casualties and recover bodies. Warrant Officer Rod Scott of the medical section organized teams to move through the massacre site to count the dead. Pools of blood and drag marks indicated where Rwandan soldiers had removed bodies overnight, and the Australians were prevented from looking in huts and latrines where corpses could have been hidden. In the areas of the camp to which the Australians had access, they counted 4,050 dead. Both the UN and the Rwandan government minimized the numbers killed. A senior UN military officer visited Kibeho that day and decided that 2,000 people had lost their lives; the Rwandan government later claimed that only 330 had died.”


Pools of Hutu blood at Kibeho camp

Photo 6: Pools of blood and drag marks indicated where Rwandan soldiers had removed bodies overnight

The corpses of Rwandan Hutu refugees scattered

Photo 7: The corpses of Rwandan Hutu refugees who were trying to escape the massacres are scattered everywhere in the surrounding of the camp as anyone can see


he Zambian government has witnessed horrific tragedies faced by the Rwandan Hutus both in Rwanda and in their country where it hosted refugees came from thousands miles seeking refuge. These refugees who sought asylum in Zambia and later subjected to invocation of cessation clause, and now still extra-tormented by the international community which abandoned them, are human beings as any other human being, they are victims and scapegoats of extremists Tutsis under RPF terrorists and criminals who are still hunting them.

Zambia, Rwanda and UNHCR have agreed to forcefully repatriate these Hutu refugees in the name of the Cessation Clause saying that there is no more reason to stay refugees, nevertheless they ignored all people from the Hutu community getting massacred, disappearing, getting imprisoned and fleeing from Rwanda on daily basis for their safety. Let us take another example of last year 2014, around 50 thousands of Hutus disappeared and later most of them were found their bodies floating in lakes, it became bombshell in the international media and even some survivors are now under protection of UN in Burundi, those who eye-witnessed those horrors. If what Zambia and UNHCR are doing isn’t conspiring with the Rwandan regime, then what is it? Don’t they have enough proofs or information?

The facts that these Hutu refugees escaped systematic extermination of Tutsis extremists who still want them dead, that is the fact that they are still enduring plight even after the abandonment by the UNHCR which let them suffer so that they can compel themselves to go into the teeth of death. They are determined to stand with dignity hoping the International Community will understand them.

It is said that the breeds impunity and the impunity kills more than anything else and that is why, based on what Zambia has experienced on Rwandan Hutu refugees, we say it (Zambia) should protect and advocate for them more than any other country. These above-mentioned refugees are suffering impunity while the Tutsi extremists, murderers of relatives and friends of those who escaped them are still wandering around the world freely with the bloody hands, killing more and more by hunting down the escapees.

They don’t want these Hutu refugees to survive no matter how far they can hide or be integrated in order to escape these RPF criminals ruling Rwanda.

For Hutus who are either educated, found fortune, managed to survive in one way or another, the RPF regime invent cases against them in order to incriminate, torment and tarnish them to the extent they don’t survive no matter how far they can have reached.

RY4LCI in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION have encountered many cases both in Rwanda and outside. Let us take one case of Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI who was arrested in Norway under the prosecution papers of Rwandan RPF regime in cooperation with Interpol.