Until now the International Community don’t understand Rwanda’s complexity genocide issues because of the real perpetrators of horrible tragedies ravaged Rwanda and the entire Great Lakes region are on power and controlling everything backed by some Western countries. The extremists Tutsis of RPF ruling Rwanda made all Hutus their scapegoats since their invasion in 1990 and due to the powerful backup of Western countries like USA, UK … their lies came truth worldwide and the entire world was made crazy by Western media which spread the RPF propaganda.

The entire world believed that all Hutus are evil perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and extremist Tutsis are savior angels of Tutsis as well as of Rwanda while it is the other way around.

It is in this context that the countries like Norway have been trapped and persecuted Rwandan Hutus as Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI who was arrested and is imprisoned for almost 2 years for trumped up charges while he is innocent who should have been congratulated for saving lives in 1994.

Recently RY4LCI in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION have encountered cases related to Mr. Eugene NKURUKIYABAHIZI where Tutsis he saved are currently persecuted by the Rwandan RPF regime for willing to give their testimonies about how Mr. Eugene has saved them.   The family of Mr. Eugene has been in permanent troubles by the RPF regime criminals to the extent some have fled the country for their safety. Based on the cases of Tutsi witnesses of Mr. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi, we tried to know more on him and his bravery in Rwandan genocide of 1994.

Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI was born in district of Nyaruguru (former commune of Nyakizu), in Southern province of Rwanda (former prefecture of Butare). Village of Nyagisozi (former sector of Nkakwa), Cell of Nkakwa ( former cell of Kaduha). Slightly before April 1994 after his secondary school studies he became a substitute teacher at Nkakwa primary school. ” He was very young then, honest, goodhearted and exemplary teacher. He was young as us and we used to talk to him freely as our brother, he was modest and calm”: a former Tutsi student he taught and saved witnessed. “I was surprised since I knew that he was arrested with genocide charges he committed when he was a teacher and what first came in my mind is this; if he should have perpetrated in 1994 genocide I could have died, he knew we were Tutsis and that is why he saved us and there is no where he could have gone to kill others without beginning on us, rather he sent us in his family in Burundi when Interahamwe militia were killing people”. The former student he saved added.

Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI had/has relatives in Burundi where he sent some Tutsi students he was teaching when the Interahamwe militia were hunting them. Note that Mr. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi didn’t do all these alone but with his family and close friends who didn’t want to see their neighbors (Tutsis) getting killed by the Interahamwe militia. Later after he fled to Burundi too because the RPF army was advancing mass-slaughtering all Hutus on their way. Until now most of the Hutus who are fleeing the Rwandan RPF regime persecution change their nationality for the facts that it is not easy for them to be welcomed in the country of asylum as Rwandans as they were abandoned by International Community and demonized as genocidaires which is indeed wrong. It is in the same context that Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI has found helpless to declare his Rwandan nationality, not because he was masquerading.

The Tutsi extremists under the RPF regime don’t want any Rwandan Hutu to develop and reach some heights of success whether he/she has found nationality in the country of asylum or not. They fear that by the time the Hutus who are intellectuals, have amassed some fortune and reached some high diplomatic rankings in the foreign countries may leak out the truth to the international community or retaliate and overthrow their criminal authoritarian regime.

Mr Eugene Nkuranyabahizi chatting with the Prince of Norway Hkon

Photo 8: Mr. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi chatting with the Prince of Norway Håkon


This is the case of this Rwandan national Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI who had reached some heights of success in his asylum country of Norway but because these Tutsi extremists of RPF ruling Rwanda have spread around the world spying agents to track any Rwandan Hutu, they trumped up false charges against him in order to incriminate him. Because the extreme hatred of these extremist Tutsis under RPF regime against Hutus, even when they fabricate charges against someone they make sure he is in their hands so that they are the ones to judge him/her and later can kill him/her any time either poisoned, starved or shot dead!

Rwanda under RPF regime itself is a prison even though there are many other prisons inside, because most of the Rwandan people have no other choice to survive unless they abide by the RPF martial laws and propaganda; but some people refuse to be condemned to perpetuity of guilty and dishonest, rather they stand to tell the truth no matter what can happen to them. RPF security services and propagandists have tried all the way to spread rumors in native region of Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI in order to incriminate and find evidences to extradite him, they went in jails to find the prisoners and tried to utilize them to falsely accuse Mr. Eugene that he was notorious killer during 1994 but they refused. In public meetings with citizens, they tell people that there is an Interahamwe militia held captive by the government of Norway who is about to be extradited and arrogantly threaten all Hutus that all their relatives who are refugees will be brought back in Rwanda at all cost. All those people who refused to be utilized are now threatened to be killed by RPF security services.

The RPF regime also fear that in case the asylum countries can judge them, later after conviction, they can find the truth and acquit them. That is why the RPF regime always strive until they extradite the ones the call fugitives like the other countries have no judiciary system to judge them. For this case of Mr. Eugene, and many others, we will expose more on how Tutsis extremists have tracked every Rwandan Hutu intellectuals who think they are safe in the asylum country. For Rwandan Hutus abroad, whether you have found asylum or nationality in the foreign countries, know that you are not safe at all because soon or later the RPF regime will come on you with trumped up charges and you will be staggered to find people witnessing that you did them while you haven’t even been in the said scene of crime!!!