For two decades the world media have been dominated and intoxicated by the big lies and distractions fabricated by Kagame’s regime which took power in Rwanda after a bloodshed that took lives of millions of innocent Hutus, Tutsis, Twas and foreigners. Since 1994, Kagame and his party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), have turned the “genocide in Rwanda”, the one said to be only against Tutsis into a weapon to silence everybody with different opinions on how things should work in the country and scapegoated all Hutus to be perpetrators of it while it is the other way around.

While the world’s attention on Rwanda is only on the artifice commemoration of the 21st genocide, the Hutu refugees are presently being hunted like animals in the jungles of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Both Hutus and Tutsis as well as opposition critics and other human rights activists who oppose the ideology of the RPF are being pursued in different countries around the world by the Rwandan government.

The genocide against the Hutus which started in October 1990 by the RPF is still happening in the dense forests of DRC where Hutu refugees and their resemblance are being hunted like animals, and inside the country a silent carnage is going on: ordinary Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi people are being executed day-to-day and their bodies are being thrown into lakes and rivers. Threats, intimidation, torture, persecution, kidnapping, disappearance and killings are used by Kagame’s secret security services and death squads to eliminate any person with different political opinions from RPF ones.

We recall that in 1990 when the RPF invaded Rwanda was fully backed by Uganda and powerful western countries such as the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Israel, etc. The RPF hidden agenda was (is still) the extermination of Hutu people in Rwanda, the looting of Congolese mineral resources, instigation of chaos in the region and implantation of Tutsi empire based on terror, slavery, and human rights abuses inside Rwanda and in the Great Lakes region as well. But the worst of it, is that the terrorism of RPF Tutsi extremists has gone beyond the Great Lakes region and has been expanded worldwide, and some countries are still conspiring in one way or the other to fuel that state terrorism.

In this regard, RWANDA YOUTH FOR LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE INITIATIVE (RY4LCI) ( ) in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION ( ) have recently investigated some cases regarding the above points of human rights abuses by the Rwandan RPF regime both inside and outside of Rwanda. Our findings are that for over 25 years, the Rwandan Hutu people live in critical conditions: they were and are still systematically massacred in broad daylight of the international community, they are daily hunted as evils or beasts, they are persecuted even where they sought asylum, they are getting massacred in the forests of Democratic Republic of Congo where they had sought refuge and learnt to co-survive with the tropical savage animals, but the worst is that instead of the United Nations (UN) meeting to help these refugees and protect them, they assemble conspiring with the Rwandan RPF regime on how they can worsen the current situation by tormenting, depressing, humiliating, demonizing, dehumanizing and terrorizing them, hence fulfilling the Rwandan RPF regime agenda to exterminate these Rwandan Hutu people no matter how many and where they are.

The United Nations as well as human rights organizations have made numerous reports on these systematic massacres against Rwandan Hutu people but because they implicate some so-called super power countries they covered them up and these human rights organization didn’t act accordingly because the influence of those countries such as USA, UK… The late UN Mapping reports on war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide fully details those systematic massacres against the Rwandan Hutu people both in Rwanda and in DRC as well as their resemblances (Congolese Bantu people).

Despite these leaked out reports, numerous human rights organizations and countries continue to cooperate with the Rwandan RPF regime criminal dictators to accomplish its holocaust against Rwandan Hutu people, nevertheless these organizations and/or countries have signed international human rights covenants to protect all human beings at stake and even some are the ones which took part in the establishment of human rights standards.

So far more than 2 million of Rwandan Hutus and around 10 million of Bantu (said to be resembled to Rwandan Hutus) people both in Rwanda and DRC have perished or exterminated by the RPF tyrannical Tutsi extremists who want to dominate the entire Great Lakes Region of Africa. They use terrorism and rule with martial laws, they hunt down whoever found to be critic of them until they assassinate him/her, they are enemies of any human rights organizations/ political parties unless they are sure they abide by their martial laws


A brief overview of history of conflicts is necessary for those who are not familiar with the Rwandan crises


On 1st October, 1990 the Rwandan Tutsi exiles who had occupied high command posts in the Ugandan army, mixed with the Ugandan army troops invaded Rwanda under the name of RPF with the pretext of liberating Rwandans especially Tutsis whom they had said to be curbed to repatriate in their home country, but it was a wrong cause because Tutsis, Hutus and Twas in Rwanda were harmoniously co-existing except these RPF Tutsi extremists who were/are roots of the tyrannical Tutsi kingdom (monarchy) which took an end by the 1959 Rwandan revolution during which a republic was established and later has brought Rwanda to the independence (end of colonialism) in 1962.

We recall that the Tutsi feudal monarchy (kingdom) cruelly ruled Rwandan for over 400 years and had made Hutus slaves after invading their kingdoms and killing their kings. The extremist Tutsis and partisans of monarchy who had not welcomed that people’s revolution of 1959 fled Rwanda and constantly after, they tried to bring back their kingdom by instigating rebellion wars and terrorism in 1960s against the emerging Republic but they were defeated at each attempt. During that period, these infiltrators (rebels) had called themselves INYENZI (the name of fighters related to one of the troops of Tutsi kingdom which means locally Ingangurarugo who has committed himself to bravery. Note that this name is homonym to INYENZI which means cockroach in Kinyarwanda). When RPF invaded Rwanda in the 1990s, they were called INYENZI NKOTANYI which connote that INYENZI reflecting to the troops of the extremist elite Tutsis of monarchy who fought in the 1960s. But because of craftiness of RPF Inkotanyi and interests that led to the genocide in conquering the region hence remaking deliberately the Hutus back to slavery, this nickname (INKOTANYI) was/is used to prejudice, incriminate, humiliate and curb all Hutus that they dehumanized Tutsis recalling them cockroaches (INYENZI) in 1990s. Even though some Hutu of the then regime of President Habyalimana Juvenal used that nickname in negative way (as cockroaches) but the prejudice of all Rwandan Hutus was/is not justified, so that generalization is too absurd, wrong and definitely unacceptable.

Since the invasion, the RPF Tutsi extremists exterminated Hutus wherever they conquered which was the main goal of their invasion.

In 1993, RPF rebels (invaders) signed the peaceful agreement and power sharing with the then ruling government in Rwanda which showed up before the world community that the war led by the RPF against Rwandan people had to end. But RPF army have never ceased to exterminate The Rwandan Hutu and Twa people as well as some interior Tutsis that were accused for having refused to join RPF in the bush. As a result, they were considered by RPF as traitors and thus they had to be massacred with Hutus. The peaceful agreements and power sharing deal has become for RPF an opportunity for its infiltration into all bodies of the then government of Habyarimana, Interahamwe militia and other youth of political organizations, hence massacring more Hutus in the areas it had occupied. The then government of Rwanda accepted the transition government while waiting the democratic elections but unfortunately due to insatiable hunger for power, RPF planned the murder of the then president of Rwanda. On 6th April, 1994 Kagame Paul assassinated President Habyarimana Juvenal and his counterpart of Burundi President Ntaryamira Cyprien (double assassination) which triggered the Rwandan genocide in 1994.



The real approach of knowing genocide victims numbers


Whoever set foot in Rwanda has remarked that he/she is compelled/urged to visit the genocide memorial sites, the ones they say are only for Tutsis massacred in 1994. For instance setting foot in Kigali, the regime takes you in Kigali genocide memorial center of Gisozi where the RPF regime says there are around 258 thousands of Tutsis remains collected in Kigali city ( ). Then for lack of enough information on Rwanda or self-interests of the visitors/foreigners, they swallow that it is true, which is absolutely big lie for marketing Rwandan genocide selfishly by Tutsis extremists of ruling regime.

In the Rwanda national population census of 1991 results, the numbers of Rwandans by ethnicity are shown as below,

Table. Rwanda’s national population as of 1991, broken-down by its two largest ethnic groups [A]

Prefecture Hutu Tutsi Totals [B]
Butare 618,172 (82.0%)  130,419 (17.3%) 753,868
Byumba 761,966 (98.2%) 11,639 (1.5%) 775,933
Cyangugu 489,238 (88.7%) 57,914 (10.5%) 551,565
Gikongoro 401,997 (86.3%) 59,624 (12.8%) 465,814
Gisenyi 708,572 (96.8%) 21,228 (2.9%) 731,996
Gitarama 764,920 (90.2%) 78,018 (9.2%) 848,027
Kibungo 596,999 (92.0%) 49,966 (7.7%) 648,912
Kibuye 398,131 (84.8%) 69,485 (14.8%) 469,494
Kigali 822,314 (90.8%) 79,696 (8.8%) 905,632
Kigali City [C] 180,550 (81.4%) 39,703 (17.9%) 221,806
Ruhengeri 760,661 (99.2%) 3,834 (0.5%) 766,795
TOTALS 6,467,958 (91.1%) 596,387 (8.4%) 7,099,844
Urban 313,586 (83.9%) 57,186 (15.3%) 373,762
Rural 6,154,365 (91.5%) 558,265 (8.3%) 6,726,082

   [A] Adapted from Table 4.2, “Répartition (en %) de la population de nationalité rwandaise selon l’ethnie, la préfecture ou le milieu de résidence,” in Recensement general de la population et de l’habitat au 15 aout 1991, Service National de Recensement, Republique Rwandaise,  p. 124.  Table 4.2 reported the national population of Rwanda, ca. 1991, by ethnicity and expressed as percentages (i.e., here the percentages inside the parentheses).  Based on Rwanda’s total population (7,099,844) at the time, I’ve simply calculated the related approximate totals in the second and third columns for Hutu and Tutsi (e.g., 7,099,844 x 8.4% = 596,387 for the total Tutsi population of Rwanda at the time of the 1991 census).  Note that these numbers are to be regarded as approximate totals. 
  [B] Note that although I’ve omitted separate columns for the Twa and Other (relatively small) ethnic groups that were listed in Table 4.2 (1991), the Totals column here includes the totals for Twa and Other.
  [C] Note that Kigali City’s total is separate from the total for Kigali Prefecture

Let us take one simple example of Kigali City to know how the RPF regime’s numbers are very wrong when they say the remains of victims are only for Tutsis.

Referring to the above table, the entire Kigali city had 221,806 populations (Tutsis, Hutus and Twas). Kigali city had 39,703 (17.9%) Tutsis and the remaining were Hutus and Twas equivalent to 182,103 (82.1%). Let us assume that all Tutsis in Kigali city were massacred by extremists Interahamwe militia in 1994. Then take the actual total number of 258,000 remains said to be Tutsis in Kigali Memorial Center minus the total number of Tutsis who were in Kigali (258,000- 39,703 = 218297), so then where does Rwandan RPF regime finds these additional number 218,297 of Tutsis remains in Kigali memorial center? It simply means they are Hutus and Twas massacred by RPF army.

In 1996 the government of Rwanda with the assistance of the United Nations Fund for Population has attempted to assess the resident population size and structure by embarking on a demographic survey in November 1996 entitled “Enquete Socio-Démographique - Socio- Demographic Survey”. (ESD 1996). On its 6th page they use the 1991 census results which are almost equivalent to the above table even though it doesn’t include the ethnicity but it classifies populations by their respective prefectures including Kigali City.

Note that these numbers are calculated by not ignoring the increase of population, the other effects such as the massive recruitments of Tutsis into the then RPF rebels (army) just before 1994.

“It is widely accepted that around a million Rwandans died in genocide in just 3 months and the government says 90% of them were Tutsis but some academics has questioned this official version…” Said Madam Jane Corbin in the BBC Rwanda’s untold story documentary.

“If a million people died in Rwanda in 1994 and that is certainly possible, there is no way that the majority of them could be Tutsis”: Professor Allan Stam said in Rwanda’s Untold Story Documentary by BBC in interview with Madam Jane Corbin.

Because in Rwanda has never been 1 million of Tutsis and after genocide of 1994, the IBUKA claimed that there has been 300 thousands survivors of Tutsis among around 500 thousands Tutsis who were available before 1994.

“If a million Rwandans died and 200 thousands of them were Tutsis that means 800 thousands of them were Hutus”: Professor Allan Stam additional said in Rwanda’s Untold Story Documentary by BBC.

Those who believe in the story of these Tutsis extremists ruling Rwanda must know that Rwandans themselves know the real tragic story they faced and enforcing them to believe the wrong story will never happen though RPF tries to demolish all eyewitnesses and testimonials.

Imagine if your relatives are massacred in your eyes and you are told by those mass murderers that they are not your parents, so you have no rights to mourn them instead others mourn them as theirs, could you accept it and keep it in silence? That is the case for Rwandan Hutus under Tutsis extremists of the RPF regime and those who are playing with the Rwandan issues should know what they are playing with and which extent they are oppressing these Rwandan Hutus, making their plight more severe!

Some countries and international organizations are witnesses of what happened on Rwandan Hutus but for either their political interests, ignorance, self-seeking or lack of enough information they conspire in the ongoing genocide against them.

Let us take a case of Zambia and show you why the Zambian government should protect and advocate for Rwandan Hutu refugees more than any other country in the world.




Zambia is a sovereign, free and democratic country which has never had world’s criminal, genocide and war records in human rights abuses against its own people or foreign people. Recently in June 2013 the United Nations for High Commissioner for Refugees has instituted the cessation clause against the Rwandan refugees who fled Rwanda before 1998, it declared that knowing it was illegal (harmful to these refugees) and moreover in conspiracy with the Rwandan RPF regime which made those refugees to flee their homeland.

Last years Zambia has witnessed numerous attempted assassinations, assassination plots and terrorism against Rwandan Hutu refugees on its land by the Rwandan RPF regime death squads to the extent it deported some of the conspirators involved in those messes of abusing human rights of refugees and sovereignty of its country.

Despite this experience with Rwandan RPF ruling regime criminals, terrorists and notorious human rights abusers and with the conspiratorial influence of UNHCR, Zambia has compromised itself and forgot its experience with current Rwandan regime to accept its demand to forcefully repatriate Rwandan Hutus for getting slaughtered or subjected to any other extreme human rights abuses. Now Zambia has given 3 months of ultimatum to Rwandan Hutu refugees to either repatriate themselves voluntarily, get Rwandan passports and stay in Zambia legally or force them with deportation. Zambia also said that it will cooperate with Rwandan airline agency (RwandAir) which recently started its operations in Zambia to facilitate that forceful deportation/repatriation.

On 24th March 2015 a tripartite meeting between the Zambian officials, UNHCR and Rwandan RPF regime was held in Kigali to explore all the way to execute the RPF agenda to exterminate these Rwandan Hutu refugees.

Zambia Delegation

Photo 1: The Zambian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Home affairs Lt. Col. Kaunda Tushuke Panji (Second from left with white shirt) at the meeting in Kigali on 24th March 2015

Zambia UNRwanda

Photo 2: UNHCR, ZAMBIA AND RWANDA signing agreements of forceful repatriation and deportation of Rwandan Hutu refugees


Photo 2: UNHCR, ZAMBIA AND RWANDA signing agreements of forceful repatriation and deportation of Rwandan Hutu refugees


In April 1995 at Kibeho refugees camp in Rwanda, Zambian contingents witnessed live extermination horrors of Rwandan Hutu refugees it was supposed to protect under UNAMIR II mission and thousands of Hutu refugees were massacred in the eyes of its contingents with their arms crossed. The Rwandan Hutus internally displaced persons / refugees have been massacred in the eyes of the Zambian Company of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR). Note that the Kibeho refugee camp held more than 100 thousands people for which very few of them escaped these horrific massacres.

Zambian contingents in Hutu corpses

Photo 4: These are Rwandan Hutu refugees massacred in the eyes of Zambian contingents under UNAMIR, the soldiers in these corpses are Zambians.


Zambian Company at Kibeho camp

Photo 5: Views from within the Zambian Company of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) at about 14:30 on Tuesday, 18 April 1995. Note also the high proportion of adult and adolescent males and attempts being made to identify the corpses of those massacred.


Even those who managed to escape from the camp were massacred in their way fleeing, which means almost all the 100 thousands of Hutu refugees were massacred by the Tutsi RPF army. Below are the testimonials of the Australian medic contingents who experienced these massacres and wrote on the Australia War Memorial website the following:

“Later, as the medical evacuation helicopters took off about 5 pm, Australians on board saw at least a thousand refugees rush out of the camp. The Tutsi troops stood on the ridges and fired down on them with automatic rifles, rocket propelled grenades and a .50-calibre machine-gun. The soldiers then moved through the valley in the still pouring rain, bayoneting or shooting the wounded.”

“On 23 April, the Australians returned to Kibeho to treat casualties and recover bodies. Warrant Officer Rod Scott of the medical section organized teams to move through the massacre site to count the dead. Pools of blood and drag marks indicated where Rwandan soldiers had removed bodies overnight, and the Australians were prevented from looking in huts and latrines where corpses could have been hidden. In the areas of the camp to which the Australians had access, they counted 4,050 dead. Both the UN and the Rwandan government minimized the numbers killed. A senior UN military officer visited Kibeho that day and decided that 2,000 people had lost their lives; the Rwandan government later claimed that only 330 had died.”


Pools of Hutu blood at Kibeho camp

Photo 6: Pools of blood and drag marks indicated where Rwandan soldiers had removed bodies overnight

The corpses of Rwandan Hutu refugees scattered

Photo 7: The corpses of Rwandan Hutu refugees who were trying to escape the massacres are scattered everywhere in the surrounding of the camp as anyone can see


he Zambian government has witnessed horrific tragedies faced by the Rwandan Hutus both in Rwanda and in their country where it hosted refugees came from thousands miles seeking refuge. These refugees who sought asylum in Zambia and later subjected to invocation of cessation clause, and now still extra-tormented by the international community which abandoned them, are human beings as any other human being, they are victims and scapegoats of extremists Tutsis under RPF terrorists and criminals who are still hunting them.

Zambia, Rwanda and UNHCR have agreed to forcefully repatriate these Hutu refugees in the name of the Cessation Clause saying that there is no more reason to stay refugees, nevertheless they ignored all people from the Hutu community getting massacred, disappearing, getting imprisoned and fleeing from Rwanda on daily basis for their safety. Let us take another example of last year 2014, around 50 thousands of Hutus disappeared and later most of them were found their bodies floating in lakes, it became bombshell in the international media and even some survivors are now under protection of UN in Burundi, those who eye-witnessed those horrors. If what Zambia and UNHCR are doing isn’t conspiring with the Rwandan regime, then what is it? Don’t they have enough proofs or information?

The facts that these Hutu refugees escaped systematic extermination of Tutsis extremists who still want them dead, that is the fact that they are still enduring plight even after the abandonment by the UNHCR which let them suffer so that they can compel themselves to go into the teeth of death. They are determined to stand with dignity hoping the International Community will understand them.

It is said that the breeds impunity and the impunity kills more than anything else and that is why, based on what Zambia has experienced on Rwandan Hutu refugees, we say it (Zambia) should protect and advocate for them more than any other country. These above-mentioned refugees are suffering impunity while the Tutsi extremists, murderers of relatives and friends of those who escaped them are still wandering around the world freely with the bloody hands, killing more and more by hunting down the escapees.

They don’t want these Hutu refugees to survive no matter how far they can hide or be integrated in order to escape these RPF criminals ruling Rwanda.

For Hutus who are either educated, found fortune, managed to survive in one way or another, the RPF regime invent cases against them in order to incriminate, torment and tarnish them to the extent they don’t survive no matter how far they can have reached.

RY4LCI in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION have encountered many cases both in Rwanda and outside. Let us take one case of Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI who was arrested in Norway under the prosecution papers of Rwandan RPF regime in cooperation with Interpol.




 Until now the International Community don’t understand Rwanda’s complexity genocide issues because of the real perpetrators of horrible tragedies ravaged Rwanda and the entire Great Lakes region are on power and controlling everything backed by some Western countries. The extremists Tutsis of RPF ruling Rwanda made all Hutus their scapegoats since their invasion in 1990 and due to the powerful backup of Western countries like USA, UK … their lies came truth worldwide and the entire world was made crazy by Western media which spread the RPF propaganda.

The entire world believed that all Hutus are evil perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and extremist Tutsis are savior angels of Tutsis as well as of Rwanda while it is the other way around.

It is in this context that the countries like Norway have been trapped and persecuted Rwandan Hutus as Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI who was arrested and is imprisoned for almost 2 years for trumped up charges while he is innocent who should have been congratulated for saving lives in 1994.

Recently RY4LCI in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION have encountered cases related to Mr. Eugene NKURUKIYABAHIZI where Tutsis he saved are currently persecuted by the Rwandan RPF regime for willing to give their testimonies about how Mr. Eugene has saved them.   The family of Mr. Eugene has been in permanent troubles by the RPF regime criminals to the extent some have fled the country for their safety. Based on the cases of Tutsi witnesses of Mr. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi, we tried to know more on him and his bravery in Rwandan genocide of 1994.

Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI was born in district of Nyaruguru (former commune of Nyakizu), in Southern province of Rwanda (former prefecture of Butare). Village of Nyagisozi (former sector of Nkakwa), Cell of Nkakwa ( former cell of Kaduha). Slightly before April 1994 after his secondary school studies he became a substitute teacher at Nkakwa primary school. ” He was very young then, honest, goodhearted and exemplary teacher. He was young as us and we used to talk to him freely as our brother, he was modest and calm”: a former Tutsi student he taught and saved witnessed. “I was surprised since I knew that he was arrested with genocide charges he committed when he was a teacher and what first came in my mind is this; if he should have perpetrated in 1994 genocide I could have died, he knew we were Tutsis and that is why he saved us and there is no where he could have gone to kill others without beginning on us, rather he sent us in his family in Burundi when Interahamwe militia were killing people”. The former student he saved added.

Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI had/has relatives in Burundi where he sent some Tutsi students he was teaching when the Interahamwe militia were hunting them. Note that Mr. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi didn’t do all these alone but with his family and close friends who didn’t want to see their neighbors (Tutsis) getting killed by the Interahamwe militia. Later after he fled to Burundi too because the RPF army was advancing mass-slaughtering all Hutus on their way. Until now most of the Hutus who are fleeing the Rwandan RPF regime persecution change their nationality for the facts that it is not easy for them to be welcomed in the country of asylum as Rwandans as they were abandoned by International Community and demonized as genocidaires which is indeed wrong. It is in the same context that Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI has found helpless to declare his Rwandan nationality, not because he was masquerading.

The Tutsi extremists under the RPF regime don’t want any Rwandan Hutu to develop and reach some heights of success whether he/she has found nationality in the country of asylum or not. They fear that by the time the Hutus who are intellectuals, have amassed some fortune and reached some high diplomatic rankings in the foreign countries may leak out the truth to the international community or retaliate and overthrow their criminal authoritarian regime.

Mr Eugene Nkuranyabahizi chatting with the Prince of Norway Hkon

Photo 8: Mr. Eugene Nkuranyabahizi chatting with the Prince of Norway Håkon


This is the case of this Rwandan national Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI who had reached some heights of success in his asylum country of Norway but because these Tutsi extremists of RPF ruling Rwanda have spread around the world spying agents to track any Rwandan Hutu, they trumped up false charges against him in order to incriminate him. Because the extreme hatred of these extremist Tutsis under RPF regime against Hutus, even when they fabricate charges against someone they make sure he is in their hands so that they are the ones to judge him/her and later can kill him/her any time either poisoned, starved or shot dead!

Rwanda under RPF regime itself is a prison even though there are many other prisons inside, because most of the Rwandan people have no other choice to survive unless they abide by the RPF martial laws and propaganda; but some people refuse to be condemned to perpetuity of guilty and dishonest, rather they stand to tell the truth no matter what can happen to them. RPF security services and propagandists have tried all the way to spread rumors in native region of Mr. Eugene NKURANYABAHIZI in order to incriminate and find evidences to extradite him, they went in jails to find the prisoners and tried to utilize them to falsely accuse Mr. Eugene that he was notorious killer during 1994 but they refused. In public meetings with citizens, they tell people that there is an Interahamwe militia held captive by the government of Norway who is about to be extradited and arrogantly threaten all Hutus that all their relatives who are refugees will be brought back in Rwanda at all cost. All those people who refused to be utilized are now threatened to be killed by RPF security services.

The RPF regime also fear that in case the asylum countries can judge them, later after conviction, they can find the truth and acquit them. That is why the RPF regime always strive until they extradite the ones the call fugitives like the other countries have no judiciary system to judge them. For this case of Mr. Eugene, and many others, we will expose more on how Tutsis extremists have tracked every Rwandan Hutu intellectuals who think they are safe in the asylum country. For Rwandan Hutus abroad, whether you have found asylum or nationality in the foreign countries, know that you are not safe at all because soon or later the RPF regime will come on you with trumped up charges and you will be staggered to find people witnessing that you did them while you haven’t even been in the said scene of crime!!!




The RPF regime is criminal and authoritarian, which is run by Tutsi extremists and their cronies who brutally invaded Rwanda by exterminating Rwandans and went beyond borders to massacre all Bantu people resembling to Hutus. Their aim is to make a Tutsi controlled feudal empire in African Great Lakes Region. So far more than 10 million Bantu people and Rwandan Hutus have perished in the entire region and because of impunity, many more are still dying in the eyes of international community.

The Rwandan apolitical and non-governmental human rights organizations RY4LCI and NI ABACU FOUNDATION state and recommend the following to all the concerned:

-          The RPF regime must know that Rwanda is for all Rwandans and no matter how they can accelerate to exterminate all these Hutus, they will never completely exterminate them all! They are human beings, creatures of God as all other Rwandans (Tutsis, Twas and other races existing in Rwanda) and God can’t let His people be exterminated completely. So stop massacring creatures of God!

-          For the countries of asylum, these Hutu refugees worldwide have rights to live first no matter where they are, respect them, and see them as your brothers and sisters. They haven’t chosen to be refugees but they were made refugees. Home is always home and no other place like home, when time comes they will go back!

-          The International Community is a master of bringing back peace, freedom and democracy in Rwanda, but most of all stopping ongoing genocide against Hutus and Bantus people in great lakes region. Decide and say enough is enough, and find durable peaceful solution for Rwandan refugees and Rwandans as well.

-          For the countries extraditing Rwandan Hutus, ponder, investigate enough and heed while collecting facts and evidences. Better you have your own judiciary systems, use them instead of extradition.

-          For UN/UNHCR you have seen more than enough of how these Rwandan Hutus have been massacred in your eyes and under your supposed protection. You blocked more than enough evidences (reports) testifying those massacres and you are first contributors of impunity in the region. So stop and say enough is enough and really protect these refugees. Let them enjoy the universal conventions of human rights you have set by yourselves and help to end impunity in Rwanda and in Great Lakes Region so that these people will repatriate for living not for dying.

-          For Zambian government which has given 3 months of ultimatum to these refugees, ponder, heed and as it is said that Zambia is a Christian nation, testify your Christianity and take the right decision to protect these refugees instead of tormenting them. Show them humanity and compassion. Zambia is an eyewitness of horrible massacres against these Hutus, and it is part of UN and international community in general, it can use its influence as signatory of UN conventions protecting endangered human beings and as a sovereign country which know what freedom is. Forceful repatriation and deportation of these Rwandan Hutus would be surely considered as treason for humanity, conspiracy and lack of humanity!

-          To all international human rights organization such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and many others, as you have never closed your eyes and stopped advocacy for Rwandans, keep it up and let us together stop this impunity which is breeding more impunity and ravaging the entire region!

-          For Rwandan refugees, know that home is always home and no better place like home, these acts against you by the international community are reminding you who you are, how far you came from and that nobody else will strive for your freedom and rights in general. Wake up and stand for your human rights, nobody has rights to deprive you your home country, there you are, it is called countries of asylum and that is why they always remind you that!

Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI) in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION will keep striving for human rights and being a voice to voiceless no matter what!

Done on 12th June 2015



  Founder & Executive Director of RY4LCI

- Jean Christophe NIZEYIMANA

  Spokesman and co-founder of NI ABACU FOUNDATION


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24 years of Genocide against Hutus Horror
Wartime Issue 39 - Bravery under fire

Increasing arrests and disappearances rattle Rwandans

Rwanda: Spate of Enforced Disappearances

Why is the whole world still silent on the murder of Rwandan activist Makonene?

Kigali acknowledges the disappearance of 16,000 of its citizens

Second Genocide in Rwanda? Slow, Silent, and Systematic?
What is happening in Rwanda? And, is the UN turning away?

Hutus held in ‘worst prison in world’: 7,000 suspects of Rwanda massacre are kept in
jail built for 400. 

The accommodations” of 3,500 prisoners went up in flames



The Rwandan Patriotic Front's Bloody Record and the History of UN Cover-Ups
by Christopher Black

How the state has intimidated, threatened, and murdered to cover up history by Judi

U.S./U.N. cover-up of Kagame’s genocide in Rwanda and Congo
Kagame’s Mass Atrocities in Rwanda and the Congo

Rwanda’s 1991 Census
By David Peterson

Ranges, Reasons & Rwandan Casualty Estimation


BBC, Rwanda’s untold story




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